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Correspondence Blues

It's been a few weeks since I've heard from any employeers or seen any new postings.
I sent a few emails out to departments I had applied to, sounding like a long forgotten friend, "hey, what's up? How's everything? Haven't heard from you in awhile..."

The only email reply I got back was from the one school I thought was most likely to invite me to an on-campus interview. The school had already interviewed me over the phone and contacted my three references. That only happens if they're really interested, I thought.

This what the note said:
"Thank you for checking in – I’m happy to hear that you continue to be interested in our Resident Director position, as we continue to be interested in your candidacy. I do have candidates currently scheduled to come to campus, but will continue to offer campus interviews on a rolling basis… at this time my April and May schedules are full and I am holding off to see where things play out with those currently scheduled. I hope this helps"

So was that a positive or negative email? Is it one of those messages that how you interpret it shows your outlook on life? If you perceive it as a subtle rejection note does that make you a cynical pessimist? Or if you see the note as hopeful, does that make you a delusional optimist?

Either way you look at it, it comes down to two things: a) the University has invited candidates to campus to interview for an interview and b) I'm not one of them.

Anyway, time to stop bitching and get back to applying to every job that comes along - regardless of location, compensation, and what I might think of the school. I've often thought this search is a numbers game. You have to applying to as many places as possible to help my chances. So, forgive me, I must go now and apply to some schools on the other side of the country that 99% of the population has never heard of before.

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