from the desk of...candidate 2

Constant Vigilance!

So I know it's been forever and a day since I blogged here. Sorry about that, readers.

If it's any consolation... my process is pretty much in the stand still it was last time you heard from me! (groan)

I had a lot of great things happen to me this year. I was part of a wonderful staff (I work in housing/residence life) where I learned an immeasurable amount of things about student development (and about myself!). I passed both my final presentations with flying colors and officially completed my graduate program, which I am STOKED about, let me tell you. And to top it all off, I went on an amazing vacation and relaxed for two long & blissful weeks. Is there something missing...?

Oh, right! I still don't have a job!

To be honest with you readers, I have been getting pretty down on myself lately. I feel like the only person in my program with no career options after graduation (not true, I know), I feel foolish-slash-irritated answering "how's the search coming?" questions because I feel like I'm failing either myself or somebody else (mentors, my family, my peers) in some aspect (not true, I know), and on a bigger scale, I feel like the only person in the student affairs world who may not have a job come fall 2009 (definitely not true). And I think these things all culminating together just make me feel ashamed, to be very very honest.

But, I keep applying. Though I'm passionate about residence life, I know the lure of free rent in this wonderful economy has attracted more than one seasoned veteran out of other aspects of student affairs, and I know I can't compete with 3,4,5,6+ years of professional experience. I've expanded into other student affairs areas I've interest in, hoping to be a part of a smaller pool of applicants and hoping that departments are looking for the fresh-faced (read: inexperienced) and permeable (read: bewildered) recent master's recipient to diversify their staff (read: take a chance on someone green!!!).

Till next time...