from the desk of... candidate 4

So I started seeing this girl.

I wasn’t planning on seeing anyone during this time in my life. I was in “transition” as they call it, waiting for my career to kick start again, waiting to move back out of my parents house, waiting for a steady paycheck, waiting to have independence and a renewed sense of confidence. But let’s face it; I also thought I’d get a job in a few weeks. That was five months ago. There’s still no job lined up or even in sight. The only feedback I’m getting post-Placement Exchange is rejection letters.

And somehow, despite everything, this girl saw something in me that I couldn’t, she believed in me and predicted that I would eventually be successful. She liked the gentle way I treated her, and that I brought her flowers. She even found my neurosis charming.

I thought she looked stunning in the slinky mocha dress I first saw her in at our friend’s wedding. She was sincere and sensitive; two characteristics I longed for in a girlfriend but had somehow always eluded me. She’s a counselor and knows a thing or two about encouraging people to get their acts together. You could say she helped me get mine.

For the last month, I spent time with her and all the hormones and chemicals that newfound love produces in the body started elevating my spirits, my attitude, and my sense of purpose.

I wanted to get a job, but no longer just for me and my sense of self worth. I wanted to get a job so I could be stable for her. Who knows? Maybe there will be a time when I’ll want something more long term with the sincere, sensitive counselor. But if that happens, I would need to be gainfully employed.

So, I started my job search again this week with a renewed sense of purpose and vigor. There’s more at stake now than before.

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