from the desk of...candidate 4


Searching for a job is like screaming underwater. You wonder if anybody can hear as you drown. You wonder if all the work and energy is futile.

For the last 4 months, I’ve kicked and yelled into the job posting abyss, sent out resume after resume, filled out application after application, wrote cover letter after cover letter.

And there’s been only little response.

But this week, there was a little more hope.

A major university in Texas responded to the resumes I submitted for two different positions. They sent me an email to set up an appointment at the Placement Exchange conference next week. I think the question they asked was “Do you have any available time Friday or Saturday for an interview?” as if I was completely booked with all other sorts of interviews with universities both days.

“I have Friday at 2 p.m. available.” I replied, which is true. I just didn’t mention I had every hour available as well.

A few other schools sent me there Residence Life recruitment packets which I hope is indication that they’re considering interviewing me.

Maybe this will all turn out well, I think when I’m feeling optimistic. Surely there’s a University out there that will be my lifesaver.

Or maybe I'm not doing enough, maybe I should be trying harder, screaming louder, thrash and kick my way back to the water’s surface, anything to keep afloat.

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